Can you stay on top of your ecommerce fulfilment and the world cup?

ecommerce fulfilment world cup
eCommerce Fulfilment UK, Brazil, the World? Don’t miss the goals at this year’s World Cup because you are fulfilling eCommerce orders! – the perils of being a football fan and an eCommerce retailer!

As most of us are aware by now the World Cup is being hosted by Brazil, most games are kicking off between 17:00-23:00 UK BST. As the world comes to a standstill (most likely at a bar), enjoying the atmosphere of the World Cup, eCommerce stores alike are still busy fulfilling the day’s orders and dealing with customer enquiries. eCommerce fulfilment doesn’t stop, not even for the World Cup.

World Cup or not trying to fulfil your orders for your online business can be a tricky balancing act around your personal life. Let alone if you have seasonality be it in the summer or at Christmas, common for most Ecommerce retailers. Maybe you’re sending goods to Brazil for the World Cup, you may have to spend time researching the best way to fulfil your order ensuring your goods get there in one piece but at the same time not costing the earth. eCommerce fulfilment can be tricky if you get certain queries or orders which you are not used to.

That is where an eCommerce fulfilment provider comes in, be it us or another company. They may not be as expensive as you think. Having the high throughput of orders and expertise will ensure that you will receive the best prices and services around, allowing you to catch England against Brazil in the final (well maybe if we hadn’t been knocked out already), whilst your order fulfilment is being carried out without you lifting a finger. But what happens when the World Cup is over I hear you cry, well you can either relax in the knowledge that your orders are being dealt with by your fulfilment provider or you can concentrate on what you are good at, growing your business, allowing you to fulfil your potential even if England don’t.