Increase sales through improved fulfilment


Outsource T3

There many obvious advantages of using a fulfilment house to store and dispatch your goods these being some of the obvious ones:

  • Reduced Overhead
  • Reduced Carrier Costs
  • Systemised Stock Control
  • Warehouse Flexibility
  • Assistance with importing/exporting
  • Your focus can turn to sales rather than orders

However, there are other advantages that will help increase sales to your online business. Two of the most important factors in 2015 with consumer’s purchases on line are fast delivery and great customer service. By using a fulfilment house you may find it easier to provide these first rate services and increase sales, here’s how they can help increase sales.

fast and freeFast & Free

By offering a “fast and free” delivery service to your customers some eBay traders saw an increase in sales of up to 14%. To get the Fast & Free badge on your eBay listing you will need to offer free postage and packaging and the order to be despatched and delivered within 3 working days of payment.

By using a fulfilment house it means that you know that the orders will be sent on the same day. You can normally benefit from cheaper prices with a fulfilment house as you share the benefit of high throughput. As the prices are clear it is easier to work into your margins to provide “free postage”.


In a study 73% of online shoppers stated that sending tracking references to them to track their order directly improves buying confidence. If the customer is more confident they are more likely to buy. Using a fulfilment house such as Vdepot can mean that the tracking reference is sent to your customer by email or text once the order has been dispatched. This can also give you extra protection as the seller as through this you can obtain proof of delivery.

Same Day Dispatch

Reduce delivery times and the customer is more likely to buy from you. If you are fulfilling orders yourself then you may not dispatch items until the day after they have been purchased. Carefully packing each order every night and going down the post office the next day.

Typically with a fulfilment house such as Vdepot typical orders received up to 3:00pm will be dispatched on the same day.

Easy Returns Process

No matter how hard you try there will always be returns. In a recent study 60% of buyers prefer to shop with sellers who offer a lenient and easy to understand returns policy.

Using a fulfilment provider means that once an item is returned it can be inspected as per your requirements and if passing your quality checks it can be put back into stock to sell straight away. If for any reason the item is faulty, photos can be taken for your perusal and in some cases the item returned back to your supplier.

Fulfilment houses can be of benefit to ecommerce sellers in many ways, it may not be as expensive as you think and the time you gain from outsourcing means you can increase sales and ultimately fulfil your business potential.