5 Ways to build brand loyalty with effective fulfilment

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5 Ways to build brand loyalty with effective fulfilment

Finding new customers can be expensive, you may have a pay per click campaign or you may use other forms of paid marketing.

Here at Vdepot (an order fulfilment company) we actively assist and witness companies on a daily basis building brand loyalty. Based on seeing what works, here are our 5 simple tips to increase customer retention and word of mouth recommendations with brand loyalty, which in turn, will help you grow your business.

Branded Packaging

We see many plain brown cardboard boxes go out of the door. A few though have some very nice branded packaging of different colours. This really does make you stand out. If your packaging makes a good initial impression this is the first step to get a repeat customer. It doesn’t have to be expensive and if you’re worried about it standing out to a potential thief in the post, you can now get boxes that are coloured on the inside to give that wow factor once the box is opened.

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We all appreciate something personal to us, and it is a nice step to thank your customer for making the order. Even if this is a handwritten note on a nice card/paper this makes the customer feel like effort has been put in. Using the customer’s name is a nice touch which shows care and effort on every order

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Gift Wrapping

Offer a gift wrapping service which means if it is being bought as a gift it saves your customer time. This is also a good way to make a few extra pounds on each order. If you don’t want to specifically gift wrap think about using tissue paper to look like that extra moment has been taken to pack your order.

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Quick and Accurate Fulfilment

By dispatching the item on the same or next day shows that you are reactive and not sitting about on orders, as a nation we are getting used to next day delivery and if you have to wait more than a couple of days (unless it is a niche product) the customer may go elsewhere. Ensure accuracy by using barcode scanners or double checking of orders by other staff members if this is not possible. Being sent the wrong item may make your customer think twice before ordering again.

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The work doesn’t end once the order has been fulfilled. Put in a loyalty card or discount code card in with the order to try and increase repeat business. If you sell on market places and pay fees try and direct to the customer back to your own website for next time. Think about sending follow up emails to ask the customer what they thought of the item. This also gives the opportunity to suggest similar items to them in the future that they may be interested in and ensure that this is done in the same tone to keep things conistent. It is also said that people are more likely to respond to an email if it is an offer sent to them on their birthday. Remember this has to be unique to make them feel extra special – plus you know that they may have birthday money they want to spend.

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By taking some simple steps you can try and increase repeat business and brand loyalty. It’s simple personal touches which are not particularly expensive or will take too long but can at the same time really make you stand out from the crowd.