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Vdepot is an ecommerce fulfilment provider and warehouse storage company based in Norwich, East of England.

We’ve been helping businesses fulfil their potential since 2001. By automating your fulfilment process, we enable you to focus on growing your business – while safe in the knowledge that your orders are going out on time and your customers are being looked after.

A flexible fulfilment service

From international brands wanting to improve their capabilities in the UK, to fast-growing start-ups ecommerce start-ups looking to free up their time (and their hallway!), we help them fulfil their orders more efficiently.

We integrate with any ecommerce platform or other business system you might need, so you can easily monitor deliveries, inventory and orders. Your stock and orders will be looked after by a consistent group of warehouse staff, who will develop a thorough understanding of your products and packing process.

Ecommerce Development Network

To many of our clients, we are more than just a fulfilment partner; we’re also part of a community of ecommerce experts through which sellers can be connected with developers, accountants, marketers, marketplace specialists, and legal and financial advisers, to help you overcome specific challenges and grow your business sustainably.

Here at Vdepot, the team also goes above and beyond by compiling reports and insights for the businesses we work with, helping to inform decision-making about their products, prices and more.

Ecommerce Fulfilment and Growth

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