Specialist Fulfilment

Alcohol Fulfilment

We offer stress-free B2C and B2B fulfilment for alcohol products – freeing you up to focus on growing your brand.

  • Consistent fulfilment team assigned to your business
  • Helpful, human client support; no cumbersome 'ticket system'
  • We can guide you through the premises licensing process
  • Secure storage in remote access alarmed building with CCTV
  • Integration with your sales channels and systems
  • Introductions to experts via our ecommerce growth network

Customisable fulfilment for alcohol brands

Together we can design a fulfilment service that protects your products and delights your customers. We’ll make sure every order is expertly packed and dispatched on time as your order volumes grow.

  • No minimum order volumes
  • Expertise in packing fragile items
  • Customise the process with branded packaging

Secure, specialist storage for alcoholic drinks

When your stock arrives at our warehouse, Vdepot quality checks and scans each item into your My.Vdepot account. Your inventory will be kept in its own designated area which will grow with your business.

  • Pay per pallet/shelf per week
  • We can accommodate cold storage
  • BBE date and batch logging

Things to consider when selling alcohol online

Personal alcohol licence

Before your business can begin selling alcoholic products, you must have a personal licence. The personal licence is designed to ensure that anybody running or managing a business that sells or supplies alcohol will do so in a professional fashion. In order to apply, you must be aged 18 years or over, and hold a relevant licensing qualification. The UK government website has a list of accredited personal licence qualification providers. We strongly recommend you read the guidance on gov.uk on alcohol licensing.

Alcohol premises licence

When you choose Vdepot as your fulfilment partner, together we apply for a premises licence under your company name & our address. We can guide you through this process; we hold premises licences for lots of alcohol brands.

Wholesale & B2B alcohol fulfilment

If you sell alcohol to other businesses for resale, your company will need approval for the UK’s Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS). You will need to share evidence of approval with Vdepot so that we can notify our local authority. You can apply or learn more about AWRS approval on the UK government website.

Suitable packaging

Have you finalised the packaging for your products? We advise that the goods need to be packaged and protected as well as possible, given that couriers do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to glass or liquid items.

Temperature controlled storage

Do your products need to be frozen or refrigerated? If so, we will need to bring in a suitable fridge or freezer to accommodate your products. We can talk you through the process while the council processes the premises licence.

Inventory management services

Our dedicated team can run quality assurance checks, date rotation, batch/serial control and product range management services on your inventory, and ensure you have easy access to all of this data in your My.Vdepot account.

Age verification measures

We strongly recommend that you have independent, standards-based age checks on your shop’s checkout. The solution you use for this should be operated by a member of the Age Verification Providers’ Association (AVPA) and operate to PAS 1296:20181. This is the most robust way to prevent the offence of selling alcohol to a minor. As our client, we can recommend some excellent free and low-cost solutions to you for your webshop.