Amazon Fulfilment

Whether Amazon is your only sales channel or part of a multi-channel strategy, Vdepot’s FBM and FBA services can enhance your Amazon operations.

The two types of Amazon fulfilment


With Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM), you list your products on Amazon and receive a notification when an order has been placed. You – or your chosen fulfilment partner – are responsible for the storage, packing and shipping of all orders.


With Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), you ship your products to an Amazon warehouse and they manage the storage & fulfilment. Your products must meet Amazon’s requirements before they will be accepted into their fulfilment centres.

Outsourcing FBM to Vdepot

  • Centralised management and shipping of all online orders
  • Pay-as-you-use: no penalties for long-term storage
  • No restrictions on product size or packaging
  • Product reworking, kitting and bundling options
  • Bespoke reports on product, sales and channel performance
  • Access to our trusted Amazon Marketplace experts

Amazon inventory management services

We can also carry out inventory management processes while your stock is in our warehouse, such as date rotation and batch control. This makes Vdepot an ideal alternative for food, beverage and health products.

Vdepot stores and prepares FBA stock 

  • Keep your unit costs down by buying in bulk
  • Pay-as-you-use storage, perfect for seasonal items
  • Centralised management and shipping of all online orders
  • Packed and palletised in line with Amazon's requirements
  • Save on storage fees, no long-term storage penalties
  • Access to our trusted Amazon Marketplace experts

Preparing your products for FBA

Amazon has a long list of requirements for how products should be packaged and labelled to be received into their warehouses. Products that don’t meet these requirements could trigger non-compliance fees, or your products being returned to you at your expense.

By working with Vdepot, you get to enjoy the benefits of being Prime-eligible while ensuring cost-effective storage and management of your inventory.