Specialist Fulfilment

Book Fulfilment

Outsourcing your book fulfilment to Vdepot will enable you to focus on building your business, engaging with your readers and working on new editions.

  • B2B & B2C orders, packed to your specifications
  • Same day dispatch, next day UK delivery, international shipping
  • Integration with your sales channels and systems
  • Secure storage in remote access alarmed building with CCTV
  • Helpful, human client support; no cumbersome 'ticket system'
  • Introductions to experts via our ecommerce growth network

Flexible fulfilment that scales with your success

For each and every book you sell, we’ll ensure it reaches your customer on time and in pristine condition – whether you publish children’s stories, develop mental health journals or print yearly planners.

We have a tailor-made order management system which plugs into your selling platforms, and a fantastic hard-working team who will get to know your products and the way you like things done.

Here’s how we help book brands succeed

Bespoke packing

Your customers will be excited to receive their new book and it’s important that each order arrives in a speedy, spotless fashion. We’ll use your branded packing materials in the fulfilment process, and use our experience to guide you on what packaging will work best for your items.

Expert contacts

In our 20 years we’ve built up a network of trusted experts, who between them can help with anything a growing business might need. Whether it’s marketplace, technical or creative expertise you need, we’ll be able to make recommendations and introductions for you.

B2B fulfilment

We can rework and prepare stock deliveries for your retail partners. We have experience in preparing stock for Amazon FBA, Harrods and other large-scale retailers.

Pay-as-you-use storage

Only pay for the space you occupy each week. Your products will have their own dedicated space within one of our warehousing facilities, which can grow with your business.

What our clients say...

"You can’t underestimate the relationship, it’s so important to have that good relationship with the people at your warehouse, it helps everything to run smoothly. I take my hat off to Vdepot, they are absolute stars.”

Laura, sales manager, stationery wholesaler

"We use Vdepot as our outsourced logistics partner for hundreds of SKUs, and have done for several years. The culture across the whole team is responsive, thoughtful, helpful and engaging and at realistic commercial price levels. I have recommended them on several occasions.”

Chris, director, packaging and design manufacturer