Client Stories

Learn more about our clients' journeys and their experiences of working with Vdepot.

Vida Kids distribution

Vida Kids

Outsourcing their fulfilment has given Vida Kids the time, headspace and confidence to distribute more products and try more ecommerce channels, including Amazon.

  • B2B fulfilment
  • Lifestyle fulfilment
  • Fashion fulfilment
GMG Color case study

GMG Color

GMG Color switched to Vdepot from another fulfilment company in 2019. The two teams have worked closely together through the pandemic, and through the setting up of a new online store for GMG’s business customers.

  • Stationery fulfilment
  • Wholesale fulfilment
  • Switching 3PLs
Norfolk Gin case study

Norfolk Gin

Vdepot has dispatched thousands of bottles on Norfolk Gin’s behalf. And instead of spending thousands of minutes preparing orders, Jonathan and Alison have used that time to focus on growing the Norfolk Gin brand, designing new products and developing collaborations with other boutique companies.

  • Alcohol fulfilment
  • Start-up fulfilment
Tapas Lunch Company

The Tapas Lunch Company

Having outsourced fulfilment to Vdepot, Jon and Jessica have relocated to Spain, while the company’s product range, customer base and order volumes have continued to grow year on year.

  • Food fulfilment
  • Custom integration
  • B2B & B2C fulfilment