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Electronic products

We provide expert online fulfilment services to electronics brands. 

As your fulfilment partner we manage the entire process for you; from receiving your goods into our secure warehouse, to carefully packing your orders for delivery, to handling returned items.

We automate your fulfilment and inventory management processes, so you can focus on building your business.

Inventory Management and fulfilment

What to expect when working with Vdepot:

Electronics Fulfilment with Vdepot

Bespoke Packaging

The presentation of each order, i.e. how your products are packaged, is essential to how customers experience your brand. We can use your branded packing in the fulfilment process, as well as offering customised gift wrapping and reworking services. We expertly pack each item to match your specifications and protect against damage.

Returns Management

Vdepot can make returns management a simple and painless process for you and your customers. We inspect each returned item to assess if it’s in a resellable condition. If a returned item meets your standards for re-sale, it's added back into your inventory. Get real-time visibility on your inventory levels, orders and returned stock.


Only pay for the space you occupy each week. Your products will have their own dedicated space within one of our warehousing facilities - but Vdepot is responsive to your needs and the size of that space can constantly adapt to your requirements.


Located in Norwich, East of England, we keep site rental costs low while still being close to the major UK ports - ready to send & receive your goods in the UK, Europe & the rest of the world. We offer next-day delivery and work with a vast network of carrier partners.

Expanding your electronics brand into the UK?

We can support your expansion into the UK market. 

For international companies looking to build their brand in the UK, we can help you by making introductions to importers, freight forwarders, legal and accounting professionals, marketing experts, and any other consultants you may need.

Ecommerce Development Services

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