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Outsourcing your fulfilment to Vdepot doesn’t mean you lose control of your inventory. Through our fulfilment management technology, you can monitor inventory levels and the status of each of your orders in real-time. 

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Order fulfilment system

Integrates with your business

Our order fulfilment software can be connected to your Amazon & Ebay accounts, your webshop and your other business systems, including inventory management, CRM and accounting software.

Each time an order is placed on any of your sales channels, our fulfilment system notifies the team and you can monitor the progress of your orders live online.

How our Order fulfilment Software works

MyVdepot gives you full visibility of your products across every stage of the fulfilment process.

Fulfilment process step 1 - Goods In

Goods In

Monitor your inbound deliveries, be notified when new shipments have arrived and been checked in.

Warehousing and storage


Use the system to monitor your inventory levels and get notifications when it’s time to re-order stock.

Inventory Management and fulfilment


Oversee inventory management processes such as quality assurance, date rotation, serial and batch control.

Fulfilment service - Pick and Pack


Check the status of each of your orders in real-time and see how many have been picked, packed and dispatched.

Ecommerce Fulfilment and Shipping


We can set up optional notifications for customers advising of their order status & tracking code.

Returns Management


Log in for visibility on your inventory levels & returned stock. We add returned items back into the system.

monitoring & reporting
Specific to your business

Make the MyVdepot system work for you: rather than be bombarded with data, you can specify exactly what information you want to keep track of at a glance. This can include:

Technical support

Our fulfilment software was built for purpose by our in-house development team, who handle the majority of the set-up process when you begin working with us. They’re on hand to answer any technical queries you may have when you begin using the system.

Ecommerce Fulfilment and Growth

Business insights

Need help interpreting your data? To many of our clients, we are more than just a fulfilment partner - we actively compile reports and insights for them that help them evaluate their business performance and inform decision making about their products, prices and more.

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