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Vdepot is an order fulfilment & warehousing company in Norwich, UK.

Whether you’re outsourcing your order fulfilment for the first time, or you’re looking to switch to another provider who is better suited to your requirements – speak to Vdepot about improving your current fulfilment strategy. We can get your new fulfilment process up and running in a matter of days, so you can get back to building your business.

About our Order Fulfilment service

Vdepot’s tailor-made order management system will plug into your selling platforms, while our fantastic hard-working team will get to know your products and the way you like things done.


We retrieve orders from your sales channels as they come in, and pick and pack them from our fulfilment centre. You can log in to see the fulfilment status of all of your orders, monitor your inventory levels remotely, and get insights on product performance.


While our customers rate our software, sometimes you just want to speak to a human! No chatbots, no ticketing systems - just email or call us. Your orders will be handled by a consistent team of people who will get to know you and your products.

Why choose Vdepot?

Bespoke and specialised fulfilment

No matter what you sell, we can offer B2C and wholesale fulfilment services tailored to your product range. We work with large, heavy goods and small, fragile stock components. 

Alcohol Fulfilment
Food Fulfilment
Food & Drink
Fashion Fulfilment
Gift Fulfilment
Healthcare & Supplement Fulfilment
Health & Beauty
Art supplies & stationery fulfilment
Pet care fulfilment services
Pet Care
Home furnishings fulfilment
Electronics Fulfilment
Book fulfilment
Book fulfilment
Healthcare & Supplement Fulfilment
Health & Beauty

Integrates with your business systems

Our system connects with lots of popular ecommerce platforms and other business software, and we can develop custom integrations to meet the evolving needs of our client base. 

The Order Fulfilment Process

As your fulfilment partner we can take care of the entire process for you; from receiving your goods into our secure warehouse, to carefully packing them for delivery, to managing your customer returns.

Goods In

When your stock arrives at our warehouse, Vdepot quality checks and scans each item into your MyVdepot account. We can accept national, international and multiple shipments.


Your inventory will be kept in its own designated area which will grow with your business. We can carry out bespoke inventory management services such as date rotation.

Pick & Pack

Our dedicated team can provide additional gift wrapping, product protection or assembly & kitting. Monitor your orders & our progress via your MyVdepot account.


Benefit from our network of local and international carriers, and the great rates we have negotiated. Offer more shipping options to your customers, including next-day delivery.


If your customers can return their orders easily, they’re more likely to buy from you again. Vdepot makes returns management a simple and painless process for you and your customers.


Outsourcing your fulfilment doesn't mean you lose control of your inventory. With our bespoke software you can monitor your stock levels, orders and returns in real-time.

FAQS About Our Order Fulfilment Services

Our order fulfilment software integrates with any ecommerce platform. We can connect to your marketplace accounts, your webshop and your other business systems, including inventory management, CRM and accounting software.

Each time an order is placed on any of your sales channels, our fulfilment system notifies our team and you can monitor the progress of your orders live online.We can arrange a demo of how this works when you contact us.

Yes, we have existing integrations with business systems such as Linnworks and Brightpearl. If you would like us to integrate with a system we don’t currently work with, we could integrate for an additional development fee.

Yes, we can despatch worldwide and work with the major carrier networks, including Royal Mail and DPD. Because of our high throughput, we’ve negotiated great prices from our shipping partners and can pass on the savings to our clients. Offer your customers next-day delivery and the ability to track their parcels. 

For international shipments, our system can automatically print customs declarations using the order, product and company information you provide.

Yes, we can – Amazon has a long list of requirements for how products should be packaged and labelled to be received into their warehouses. Products that don’t meet these requirements could trigger non-compliance fees, or your products being returned to you at your expense. 

Vdepot can do this preparatory work for you, ensuring items are correctly packaged, adding compliant labelling to your products, and arranging the shipments with Amazon. enjoy the benefits of being Prime-eligible while ensuring cost-effective storage and management of your inventory. Find out more about our Amazon fulfilment services.

We don’t have a generic price list because there is so much variety in what our clients need, what they sell and therefore the right solution for them. We prefer to have a chat with you so that we can calculate the time and resources involved, and give you a fair, accurate proposal.

Other fulfilment companies might share standardised prices with you without asking you any questions, only to adjust your fees a few weeks after you have moved your inventory to their warehouse. 

Contact us today and we can create a bespoke quote for you.

Absolutely! We can support your launch or growth in the UK market. Find out more about why Vdepot is the perfect fulfilment partner for your UK operation.

Yes, we can prepare larger orders to be sent to your retail partners – whether the order is placed via a wholesale marketplace (such as Faire) or uploaded manually onto our system. We can do a separate price for this – we’d just need to know the requirements for a typical wholesale order.

Yes, we can gift-wrap your orders as an additional service – we can chat through your preferences for the pick/pack/gift-wrap process and prepare a bespoke quote for you.

We can accommodate temperature-controlled storage and work with several chilled/frozen food brands, although in these instances we ask that they provide their own preferred fridge/freezer unit which we then store and run for them. Given that each company we work with has their own unique storage and temperature requirements, we’d found it to work best when the brand selects their own unit for their exclusive use. We can put you in touch with a supplier we trust to discuss options. 

Air-conditioned storage is subject to availability so please get in touch to discuss this.

Yes, we have a few clients that are B Corp certified. Contact us to learn more about how this works. 

Yes, many of our clients sell FSC-certified products. We can talk you through how this works when you get in touch.

Depending on how many SKUs you have and your stock quantities, it takes on average 2 working days from Vdepot receiving your products to fulfilling customer orders. You can still accept orders on your webshop and marketplace accounts during that time – these orders will have 2 working days added to their delivery date. In some cases, we have been able to get our new clients set up in 1 working day. 

If you are switching to Vdepot from another fulfilment provider, you would need to speak to your current provider about how they would manage the closing of your account with them. 

We can make arrangements with you to mitigate disruption by planning phased implementation.

We have two premises located on the outskirts of Norwich, East of England – about a 2 hour drive from London. Our rural location means we can keep site costs low while still being close to the UK’s major ports. The closest major ports are Felixstowe, London and Immingham. Click here to view our location or get directions.

Yes, you are welcome to visit our headquarters to visualise where your stock would be kept and to meet the team who would be working on your account. Please note that site visits are by appointment only. Depending on the circumstances around the pandemic we may ask you to wear a face mask to protect our workers and the businesses we serve. Click here for directions to our headquarters.

Expanding into the UK?

We can support your success in the UK market. 

For international companies looking to build their brand in the UK, we can help you by making introductions to importers, freight forwarders, legal and accounting professionals, marketing experts, and any other consultants you may need. 

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