While Self-Isolating #7: Protect Your Business Against Malware

We're continuing to share advice on new skills, tools and strategies online sellers can try to maximise their time in lockdown. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be turning our attention to your cyber security.
Cyber Security - Malware


Since the COVID-19 outbreak, there has reportedly been a 600% increase in phishing email attacks. A large proportion are COVID-19 themed. And each week, an estimated 1% of all live websites are said to be infected with malware – that’s around 18,500,000 web pages. 

But what is malware? Do you need to be concerned?

Malware (malicious software) is any software intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer, server, client, or computer network. It can be used to simply disrupt the use of your device, to gather personal information, or in extreme cases gain total control. 

Malicious websites are used to install such malware, sometimes requiring user action (misleading you into install what you thought was genuine software), but more often just install it on your device without user permission or awareness. 

We’ve outlined three simple ways you can protect your devices, and consequently your business, from this increasing threat.

Install Quad9

Malicious websites often look legitimate, and it is difficult to tell which websites are safe to browse or not. Using something like Quad9 below informs you if the website is malicious before entering it. 

This is a sad reality we all face, but there are simple free steps we can all implement to help keep us protected as we surf the web. Quad9 is another simple yet powerful free tool to help protect you from potentially harmful content. 

Quad9, unlike virus protection, filters and blocks content before you even see it. 

The creators have teamed up with the likes of IBM, and the Global Cyber Alliance to give you confidence as you browse. 
This is also simple and quick to use, we recommend clicking the below link, and watching relevant video to get you setup. 


Install AdBlock

AdBlock blocks third-party trackers and helps against potential malware that can infect your system. 

Using AdBlock is a simple but effective plugin for your browser which can help reduce the risk of potentially harmful content and is also completely free. 

Please visit the link below and download the version for the browser you are using here:


Keep all your devices up to date!

This is the most simple tip on the list. Keep all of your devices up to date. 
Computers, laptops, routers, CCTV, mobile phones. Any device you have that has an internet connection can pose as a potential security risk. 

 Most devices do have auto update enable as standard. But they do require us to apply such updates. 

Please try and not ignore these, as they more than often contain security patches to block known security flaws that could compromise your data. 

We’ll aim to deliver an easy to follow bitesize security checklist over the next few weeks, based on our understanding of GCA (Global Cyber Alliance) guidance. For more information and resources, check out the GCA toolkit website directly: https://gcatoolkit.org/smallbusiness/

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