How to brief a PR agency to ensure a perfect match

Handy tips on how to brief your chosen agency in order to achieve the desired PR outcomes and ensure a prosperous partnership.

how to brief a pr agency

When you first decide to approach an agency, you’re no doubt already aware of the key element that’s missing from your brand’s PR and marketing strategy – but how do you communicate this to the experts? Read on for our handy tips on how to brief your chosen agency in order to achieve the desired outcomes and ensure a prosperous partnership.

1. Provide clear objectives

First and foremost, it’s important to clearly define your brand’s primary objectives, goals and KPIs as this will help your agency to tailor its approach and strategy accordingly. Do you want to promote a specific new product/service or is it overall brand building you’re after? If media coverage is the goal, which titles should we be targeting? Consumer or trade? National or regional? Both? Does your social media presence need some work and you need support with social media marketing? Be as precise as you can.

2. Define your target audience

You should also provide a clear overview of your target audience to enable your agency to create messaging and content that resonates with them. Audience insight will help your PR and marketing team to understand who it is you are trying to reach. This determines the PR approach used, particularly in regard to the type of publications to approach.

3. Give us a timeline

It’s always a good idea to agree on a timeline and deadlines for deliverables. The more time, the better… Regular check-ins and updates with your PR and marketing team can help to ensure that the campaign stays on track. If you’ve agreed to ongoing PR support, be sure to let your agency know of any important key dates with as much warning as possible – think product launches, anniversaries, and events.

4. Communicate your budget

Finally, setting a budget is vital as this will determine the scope of the campaign and the resources that your consultancy can allocate. We know it can sometimes be hard to provide an exact price, but even a guide price is helpful during the initial stages of setting up your partnership as your agency can devise a realistic plan that suits your financial capacity.

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