6 product photography ideas for shots that really pop

In the age of ecommerce, Instagram and online ads, it’s become more important than ever to ensure that your products are being advertised using photography that really, truly stands out from the crowd.

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In an era of simple product shots on a white background, doing something a bit creative could really give you an edge.

But, how do you set up these shots, and how do you get the very best out of your products? In this guide, we’ve got 6 creative product photography ideas for you, designed to help you set the perfect shot with your product, even if you’re an amateur photographer.

Hang products for gravity-defying shots

This first idea might require a little bit of trickery to get right, but it can create shots that really make your potential customers stop and stare. Try hanging your products from the ceiling or the top of your frame so they look like they’re hovering in mid-air.

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With some clear fishing line and potentially some photo editing wizardry, you can make your product appear to be completely suspended. This is a unique perspective that can really show your product in a different situation – so long as you’ve got the right background to sell the shot.

Use macro shots for big features

Another great way to put a real spotlight on your product is to use a macro lens to really zoom in on your product. This kind of close-up photography is the perfect way to highlight the quality of your products, either by emphasising its texture or colour.

Credit: Alex Bailey Photography

However, you’ll need to get the lighting right to really pull off a macro shot. And, because your customers will be seeing your product so close up, you need to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect as any imperfection will be magnified and made obvious by the closeness of the lens.

Play around with backgrounds

While the product is the most important part of your product shots, don’t neglect the background. Getting the background right is absolutely vital to get the right product shot. Whether it’s choosing a colour that properly complements the colours of your product pack, or making sure the product shadow falls just right, attention to detail with the background composition of your shot will always pay off in the final photos.

Credit: Alex Bailey Photography

Think about using some more creative backgrounds, too. Plain single-colour lightboxes have become the standard for product photography, so shooting your products using either real or digital backdrops can really make you stand out online and create scroll-stopping product imagery.

Look for reflective surfaces

Using reflective surfaces to capture both sides of your product in one shot is another creative idea for product photography. This works well with some coloured lighting, too, to make a visually interesting composition.

Credit: Alex Bailey Photography

However, just using plain mirrors for this can lead to trouble, as the product reflections may look unnatural or too harsh in the frame. Use soft, coloured lighting and a dark background to bring out the best side of your products.

Create tension with ‘stopped time’ photography

One of the hardest aspects of product photography to master, and one that can often lead to you making a lot of mess, “stopped time” or freeze frame photography refers to an action shot where you can see a product frozen in motion.

Credit: Alex Bailey Photography

Imagine a coffee mug with a sugar cube just dropped into it, a tower of cookies just tipping over, a spilt cocktail mid-air, or a stack of pancakes with syrup mid-pour. These kinds of shots tell a powerful narrative as well as creating tension in the viewer – it’s well worth taking the time to get them right.

Experiment with unusual angles

Sometimes with product photography, the best way to show the product is to see it from an unusual angle. Top-down shots create clarity, while positioning the camera below the product can make it seem bigger and more imposing. Think about using creative pedestals or backdrops to raise a product up above the camera, or capture a side on image to emphasise a specific detail.

Credit: Alex Bailey Photography

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