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Your inventory will be kept in its own designated area which can grow as you do. For companies with high stock volumes, we can offer an independent warehousing & storage service separate to our order fulfilment solution.

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Storing Your Inventory with vdepot

Warehousing and storage
Inventory Management and fulfilment

Stock Management

For perishable items, our dedicated team can run quality assurance checks, date rotation, batch/serial control and product range management services on your inventory, and ensure you have easy access to all of this data in your MyVdepot account.


Only pay for the space you occupy each week. Your products will have their own dedicated space within one of our warehousing facilities - but Vdepot is responsive to your needs and the size of that space can constantly adapt to your requirements.

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Located in Norwich, East Anglia, we can keep site rental costs low while still being close to the major UK ports - ready to send and receive your goods in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We offer next-day delivery and work with a vast network of carrier partners.

Secure Warehousing

Secure Warehousing

Vdepot has large, clean, secure warehouses with dedicated packing rooms, shelving bays, hi bay pallet and flexible floor space. We can therefore deal with anything from large freight to much smaller individual stock components.

Your inventory will be kept in its own designated area which can grow as you do.

Our sites have CCTV and a 24/7 fully monitored intruder alarm system. The exact location of each of your SKUs is carefully recorded so that our dedicated staff can locate them quickly when needed.

We are registered with the UK Warehousing Association, and the UK Government’s Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme, meaning we can store goods for sellers all over the world.

Fulfilment process step 1 - Goods In

Goods In Process

When you start working with us, our onboarding team will set you up with your own MyVdepot account. Our specialist inventory management system allows you to remotely monitor your supply chain through Vdepot.

You’ll get notified when your stock arrives with us – and when it’s been processed by our team. We can accept national, international and multiple shipments as part of the Goods In process.

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Fulfilment Services

As your fulfilment partner we can take care of the entire process for you; receiving your goods, carefully packaging them for delivery, & managing returns

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We take the time to understand your business, introducing you to trusted experts who can help you realise your ambitions and overcome challenges.

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