How It Works

Warehousing & Storage

Pay-as-you-go storage in our clean and secure warehouses. Inventory management services such as quality assurance and batch control.

  • Secure storage in alarmed buildings with 24/7 CCTV
  • Real-time online visibility of your inventory
  • Pay-as-you-use; a scalable service as your business grows
  • Inventory management such as date rotation and batch control
  • Located in East Anglia; close to London and UK ports
  • UKWA and FHDDS certified members

Space to grow your business

Vdepot can offer secure storage for your stock, either as your fulfilment partner or as a standalone service.

Vdepot has large, clean, secure warehouses with dedicated packing rooms, shelving bays, hi bay pallet and flexible floor space. We can therefore deal with anything from large freight to much smaller individual stock components.

Storing your inventory with Vdepot

Highly secure

Our sites have CCTV and a 24/7 fully monitored intruder alarm system. The exact location of each of your SKUs is carefully recorded in our WMS, so that our dedicated staff can locate them quickly when needed.

Monitor your stock remotely

Keep sight of your inventory via your My.Vdepot account. You’ll get notified when your stock arrives with us, when it’s been processed by our team, and your products’ inventory levels.

Inventory management

For perishable items, our dedicated team can run quality assurance checks, date rotation, batch/serial control and product range management services on your inventory, and ensure you have easy access to all of this data in your My.Vdepot account.


Only pay for the space you occupy each week. Your products will have their own dedicated space within one of our warehousing facilities – but Vdepot is responsive to your needs and the size of that space can constantly adapt to your requirements.

We’re conveniently located in East of England, close to London and major ports.

Please note that site visits are by appointment only.

Vdepot Limited, Honingham Thorpe Business Park Norwich Road, Colton, Norfolk NR9 5BZ


Specialist storage and fulfilment

We store and fulfil for companies in a wide range of sectors.
Learn more about how our services can be adapted to your products.

What our clients say...

"Partnering with Vdepot has allowed us to grow our business without taking on the huge expense of setting up a warehouse. We get all the benefits of large warehouse operation but for a fraction of the cost. We’ve found their service to be excellent and thorough, and they have careful eye for detail – which we dearly appreciate – our customers often comment on how well-presented our deliveries are.”

Sarah, founder, luxury furniture brand

"We use Vdepot as our outsourced logistics partner for hundreds of SKUs, and have done for several years. The culture across the whole team is responsive, thoughtful, helpful and engaging and at realistic commercial price levels. I have recommended them on several occasions.”

Chris, director, packaging designer and manufacturer