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Stationery Fulfilment

Vdepot is a fulfilment partner to several stationery and gift brands, from start-up ventures to international companies.

No matter the size of your business, we understand that the presentation of your deliveries is key to getting your online customers to buy into your brand. 

Gift wrapping fulfilment

We also understand that transforming every order into a thoughtfully wrapped parcel might be getting too time-consuming for you and your team. 

As your fulfilment partner we can look after the entire process for you; from receiving your goods into our secure warehouse, to carefully packaging them for delivery, to managing customer returns. We take care of the day-to-day so you can get back to running your business.

Common Questions

Inventory Management and fulfilment

Our order fulfilment software integrates with any ecommerce platform. We can connect to your Amazon & Ebay accounts, your webshop and your other business systems, including inventory management, CRM and accounting software.

Each time an order is placed on any of your sales channels, our fulfilment system notifies our team and you can monitor the progress of your orders live online.

We can arrange a demo of how this works when you contact us.

Yes, we can ship worldwide and work with the major carrier networks, including Royal Mail and DPD. Because of our high throughput, we’ve negotiated great prices from our shipping partners and can pass on the savings to our clients. Offer your customers next-day delivery and the ability to track their parcel. 

For international shipments, our system can automatically print compliant customs declarations using order, product and company information on your website. 

Yes – we offer reworking and kitting services, which enable brands to do more with their inventory. 

Combine products into bundles, offer special deals, and cross-sell promotions – with Vdepot, you can still accurately track your stock levels through our inventory management platform. We just ask that you communicate with us in advance as to what bundles and promotions you are offering.

Why Choose Vdepot?

We pride ourselves on our friendly & approachable service, and like to work with companies who also value these things. We work efficiently while still taking the time to discuss your needs and ensure you’re happy with your fulfilment service.

Here’s why stationery and gift brands choose to work with us:

Stationery & Gift Fulfilment with Vdepot

Gift Fulfilment

Bespoke Packing Process

The presentation of each order, i.e. how your products are packaged, is essential to how customers experience your brand. We can use your branded packing in the fulfilment process, as well as offering customised gift wrapping, gift messaging and reworking services. We can also prepare gift deliveries for your influencer campaigns.

Order returns management

Returns Management

Vdepot can make returns management a simple and painless process for you and your customers. We inspect each returned item to assess if it’s in a resellable condition. If a returned item meets your standards for re-sale, it gets re-added to your inventory. Get real-time visibility on your inventory levels, orders and returned stock.

Warehousing and storage


Only pay for the space you occupy each week. Your products will have their own dedicated space within one of our warehousing facilities - but Vdepot is responsive to your needs and the size of that space can constantly adapt to your requirements.

International Ecommerce Advice


Located in Norwich, East of England, we keep site rental costs low while still being close to the major UK ports - ready to send & receive your goods in the UK, Europe & the rest of the world. We offer next-day delivery and work with a vast network of carrier partners.

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