Coronavirus: Vdepot, the Carrier Networks, & You

Following the recent coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to confirm how we’re responding to any possible disruption.


Our team

We are following the government’s advice on hygiene (plus some new cleaning regimes) and the requirement for staff isolation if symptoms are evident. We currently have no staff with coronavirus or showing symptoms requiring self-isolation. To date, zero cases have been reported for the County of Norfolk, UK (where our warehouses are based). As you may be aware, Vdepot staff work in small groups in different parts of each warehouse. We believe this will reinforce government recommendations on the spread of the virus. However, in an attempt to counter any periods of staff self-isolation, we have already hired additional staff to counter increased absenteeism.

The carrier networks

Prior to today we have received no news on service interruptions from Royal Mail or DHL. DPD has highlighted service delays in parts of Northern Italy only. We have a meeting with our DPD Account Manager today where a key agenda item is coronavirus service impact now and their contingency plans. We will issue an update on DPD later today. We think that some disturbance to normal service delivery levels is likely at some point. We will keep you informed of the nature, timing and locations when we know.

Feedback from you

We would appreciate your feedback on how the coronavirus might affect your business as follows:

Demand – for example, if you anticipate customers might panic-buy your goods, and/or you’re running offers to incentivise higher order volumes.

Supply – for example, if you are aware of supply chain interruptions, changes to incoming deliveries, and/or you will need more storage space for stockpiling your products.

Keeping us in the loop will help us manage our staff and warehouse resources, so that we in turn can help you during this challenging period.

If you have any questions or updates for us regarding the coronavirus, please get in touch.

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