We Can Provide Emergency Storage & Fulfilment Services For Amazon Sellers

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Amazon announced last night that they have stopped accepting shipment of all items from independent merchants to its warehouses that are not medical supplies or “high-demand” products.
Emergency Amazon Storage


This temporary suspension will continue until at least 5th April while they prioritise products relating to combating the current coronavirus pandemic.

Independent merchants still have the option to sell their products through Amazon without using the company’s warehouses. But this puts a strain on merchants to find an independent warehouse to store and ship out their products.

If You Need Alternative Storage & Fulfilment

Vdepot can provide temporary storage and fulfilment services to help you minimise the impact on your business during this challenging period.

We can accept and store shipments for you that you had been preparing for Amazon. Our storage costs are in fact lower than Amazon’s in many cases.

Contact us today for a quick quote – we can get you back on track in a matter of hours.

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